Spring is here ….

Spring has sprung Lambing has started.  There are  5  cute little  fluffy additions at Jerpoint Park ~ twins and singles. The weather is fantastic at present at Jerpoint Park  dry &  crisp. Jerpoint Park is featured on The Heritage Council of Irelands video  http://www.kilkennytourism.ie/heritage Have a look at another video of Kilkenny – Things to do in Kilkenny with  history, food, culture all thrown in. http://www.youtube.com/watch?NR=1&v=dBW0h69-USc&feature=endscreen CIE Tours International … Read More

Amazing Heritage ….

What an amazing story last week,  where it was confirmed that the skelton remains found underneath a car park in Leicester was of King Richard 111 . What amazing Heritage ….. With the  remarkable history at Jerpoint Park where  records documented  from 1279  … wouldn’t it be amazing if an archaeological dig was granted and  unearthed a find like Richard 111.  Now … Read More