Conservation & stabilisation of the Tower

 A grant was awarded to aid the proposed stabilisation and conservation of the Tower work under the “Conservation Plan Led Projects”  for  JERPOINT  PARK  by the Heritage Council of Ireland 2011.

Work commenced in September 2011 and was completed in October 2011.

The proposed works consisted of:

  1. Investigiation, survey and recording the Tower prior to and during works.
  2. Pointing loose stones in situ at the beginning of the project.
  3. Repairing and rebuilding a small area of stonework at the top of the wall on the north eastern end.
  4. Filling any voids in the stonework which have become dislodged.
  5. General structural pointing work including pinning stones to the surface of the walls.
  6. Grouting of masonry where erosion has occurred using a hand pump.  The need for grouting will be particularly evident at the top of walls and on the side of walls where core masonry has been exposed to the weather.  In addition, grouting will also be needed to fill areas where ivy has dislodged stones and the withered.
  7. Cutting back ivy from the surface of the stone to expose the root growth into the structure.
  8. Carefully removing root growth where possible and pinning with masonry on site before regrouting from the top downwards.

JERPOINT  PARK   is extremely grateful to the Heritage Council of Ireland for the grant funding.

Before, during  &  after images of  the Tower.




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