DIARY 11th February 2012

SNOWDROPS  are in abundance in our garden at JERPOINT PARK, one of  my favourite flowers. Second favourite “Primroses” and finally “Blubells”, in fact I  just adore spring as lambs, foals and calves are born.  The birds are making their presence known, with one little wren gathering moss outside the kitchen window, the” Starlings” are in full song, while the” Herons” are busy nesting too.  A ” Hawk” was busy ducking and diving from the “Crows” who were chasing him on Friday, &  the  “Mallards”  are in a romantic mood , as they pair off for the mating season. Yes!  Spring time is definately here …….. with a pep in natures step.


  •   The snowdrop (Galanthus vivalis) is regarded as the first flower of spring, symbolising purity and the cleansing of the earth after winter.


  •  According to legend, the snowdrop first appeared when Adam and Eve were driven out of the Garden of Eden. An angel consoled them and blew upon some snowflakes which were transformed into snowdrops.


  • There appears to be no record of snowdrops growing wild in Britain before 1770, and the first garden reference is in Gerard’s Herbal of 1597. It is thought that monks may have brought the flower from Italy in the 15th century, as it is frequently found in the gardens of old monasteries.


  • Pharmaceutical companies use extracts from snowdrop bulbs for a class of medications called acetylcholinesterase inhibitors, used to treat Alzheimer’s disease.


This image below is of a very old drain pipe in JERPOINT PARK  with layers &  layers of  different colours,  painted over the generations.  Maeve  loves this image ….. I’m not sure I see what she calls  “ART”.

This cool looking dude is me “PERCY” , a bit tired after chasing rabbits around the field.  Maeve was clicker happy that day so I was a target, but when you are handsome like me, with a great personality its a  pleasure to be a model for the camera.


JERPOINT PARK hosted Kilkenny Tourism Board Meeting on 7th February 2012 .  Failte Ireland, Kilkenny Chamber, Kilkenny Hotels & Leader Partnership to mention a few are all represented on the Board.  A lively discussion took place on a number of topics.

 Siobhan & Joe

The wonderful artisan shop Glasrai & Goodies in Gowran celebrated its  2nd Birthday today,  many congratulations to Siobhan & continued success with your remarkable venture.  Maeve brought home some delicious goodies &  I sampled the lot.  Yum

Till next time enjoy the Flora & Fauna at spring time….. & visit me at JERPOINT PARK soon.

Bye  Percy.

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