Spring at Jerpoint

  What a difference a year can make with weather  !  In 2013 farmers in some areas of Ireland were buying hay and silage for the aniamls on their farmers from both England and France.  With poor growth with sharp east winds for several months, where in 2014 we have experience floods, gales, storms, sunshine  and plenty of rain in abundance. The … Read More

Article about our recents visitors on Kilkenny People newspaper ….

Travel journalists enjoy Kilkenny delights and dine at Jerpoint Park Published on 21/06/2013 17:27   KILKENNY PEOPLE Journalists from eight different countries – including the United States, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Denmark, Canada, China and India – enjoyed a fact-finding trip to Kilkenny this week, as guests of Tourism Ireland. Representing various publications with a circulation of around 700,000 readers … Read More

International Travel Writers descend on Jerpoint……

Tuesday 11th June 2013 was an thrilling day for us all at Jerpoint Park.  I Percy was groomed to the last as I was going to welcome 16 International Travel Writers. They came from as far as India, China, USA, Canada, Netherlands, Denmark & Germany. They arrived at 11.45am on the dot not a minute late & even though it … Read More

Lambs frolicking at Jerpoint Park

Dear readers of my blog, The blog is about lambing season at Jerpoint Park, which started at the end of February and was completed in around 4 weeks. There are alot of twins on the flock  now plus one set of triplets and the rest singles. At the start of the season alot of the ewes need assistance with giving birth … Read More

Fellow Blogger wrote about Jerpoint Park

Last week Neil Jackman of  Time travel Ireland ( great places to visit in Ireland)  and fellow blogger visited Jerpoint Park and below is the article……..    I’ve worked in archaeology in Ireland since 1999 and I’ve visited a number of sites around the country, however last Thursday was the first time I visited Jerpoint Park in Co. Kilkenny and I have to … Read More

Spring is here ….

Spring has sprung Lambing has started.  There are  5  cute little  fluffy additions at Jerpoint Park ~ twins and singles. The weather is fantastic at present at Jerpoint Park  dry &  crisp. Jerpoint Park is featured on The Heritage Council of Irelands video  http://www.kilkennytourism.ie/heritage Have a look at another video of Kilkenny – Things to do in Kilkenny with  history, food, culture all thrown in. http://www.youtube.com/watch?NR=1&v=dBW0h69-USc&feature=endscreen CIE Tours International … Read More

Amazing Heritage ….

What an amazing story last week,  where it was confirmed that the skelton remains found underneath a car park in Leicester was of King Richard 111 . What amazing Heritage ….. With the  remarkable history at Jerpoint Park where  records documented  from 1279  … wouldn’t it be amazing if an archaeological dig was granted and  unearthed a find like Richard 111.  Now … Read More

Vagabond Travel Magazine featured Jerpoint Park by Brendan Harding

  Jerpoint Park was delighted to be featured in Vagabond Travel Magazine in 2012.  The feature was written by the well known travel writer and blogger Brendan Harding.  It was great for future customers of Jerpoint Park  to read about such an amazing heritage and culture tourist attraction in Kilkenny, and mark it for ” Things To Do in Kilkenny”  when visiting Ireland in the … Read More

I’m Back ……

Greetings to you all from Jerpoint Park.  Apologies for not blogging for quite some time, but I was otherwise disposed (Maeve got me to say that !!!! ) I am Percy, the official blogger at Jerpoint Park, with years of unofficial guide touring with Joe. I am turning 6 yrs old in dog years and 42 yrs in human years, so … Read More