Guided Heritage Tours

GUIDED  HERITAGE  TOURS  includes a short walk through the meadows while enjoying  the stunning views of the unspoilt countryside and the River Nore, which brings you to the 800 year old Church of St. Nicholas,  the Tomb Effigy of St. Nicholas, and Hunts Private Cemetry. From there you can follow the path to unearth the footprints of the deserted 12th Century Medieval Town of Newtown Jerpoint.  The Conservation Plan  of this site was published by The Heritage Council in 2007  and can be downloaded from a PDF document from The Heritage Council website.

Suitable outdoor footwear is recommended.

Sheepdog Demonstrations

Sheep Dog Demonstrations at Jerpoint Park shows a strong bond of respect between man & dog.  Border Collies are the preferred dogs used here. It takes much time, patience and a different approach to train them.  These dogs can work other stock or animals, and in the past have worked geese and cattle at Jerpoint Park but presently sheep.  Border Collies get in front of the animals and use what is called “the strong eye” to stare down the animal.  These dogs are eager to please, work & are highly intelligent.

Man & dog get to know each other so well in the early days, that when the time comes to start the training in earnest, both start off on a much better footing.  The dog has learned to listen to his handler and notices every intonation in his voice.

Basic commands for herding dogs:

These commands can be indicated by whistle, hand movement or voice ……

  • “Come bye”        ……….     Go left of the stock.
  • “Away”                 ……….     Go right of the stock.
  • “Cast”                   ……….     Gather the stock in a group.
  • “Find”                   ……….     Search for the stock.
  • “That’ll do”         ……….     Stop working and return to handler.

Enjoy the Sheep Dog Demo

Religious & Educational Tours

 Clients who wish to have MASS in St. Nicholas’s Church at Jerpoint Park are very welcome to do so,  with their accompanying priest we will provide a dressed altar with  seating in the nave of the church.

A special & consecrated  venue in the ruined Church of St. Nicholas is idyllic.

Tea/Scones or Lunch Is Available Pre-booked in the Coach House

The Tea Rooms are open for  Coach Tours, serving freshly baked delicious homemade scones using an old family receipe or light lunches.

So come and enjoy our Tea Rooms, and also discover the  beautiful  unspoilt  landscape.
Group booking welcome all year round.
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