Newtown Jerpoint the Lost Town

Lidar image of Newtown Jerpoint

Jerpoint Park is privileged to host a  Monument of notable importance: The Lost Town of Newtown Jerpoint.

It was founded by either Earl Marshall or Griffin Fitzwilliam in 12th century, just west of the Cistercian Abbey, where the main crossing of the River Nore was formed by a tole paying bridge.

It was a vibrant town, with approx 27 dwelling houses, a court house, woollen mill, a tannery, a brewery. It was powered by two water wheels working on the little Arrigle River and a tower house stood near the market place, where a wealthy merchant lived.


In 2012  the mammoth task of removing centuries of Ivy growth from St. Nicholas’s Church started & in 2013 the Conservation and Stabilisation took place with funding from The Heritage Council of Ireland.

The structure of the Church of St. Nicholas took a completely different look and feel and so much came into view.