Diary for the 25TH of APRIL 2012

I’m back folks I’m back ! I was on sabbatical, please don’t snigger – we canines need our “me” time too.

I missed  you all but I’m back ….  nose to the ground.

Weather is miserable, but only temporary and a visit to Jerpoint Park is awaiting you as  two male donkeys arrived on Monday and they

need naming … , so if you have any idea on what they should be called  ……please forward your ideas to Maeve at info@jerpointpark.com                        

As you can see from the middle image my friend  ” Cash ” .  We are inseparable when Kieran brings him to Jerpoint Park to shoe  “Honey ” the Pony or tend to the hooves of the Donkeys.

Maeve calls the last image her  “Woolly Jumpers”.  There are 11 lambs bleating at Jerpoint Park & are skipping and frolicking around.


The geese are busy laying – 2 geese are sitting on eggs, so here’s hoping there will be goslings.

Maeve planted tulips last October  & are  flowering at present and are stunningly beautiful.

Looking forward to welcoming you to  Jerpoint Park.


Percy 🙂

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